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Which Cruise Lines Aren't Affected by the CDC's No Sail Orders?


(4:46 p.m. EDT) -- Late on the evening of April 9, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued new directives to the cruise industry, extending a "no sail" order for all ships with more than 250 passengers and crew onboard from operating within the waters of the United States.

The "No-Sail Order and Other Measures Related to Operations" extends the previous directive that was issued March 14, 2020, and could ban most cruises departing from or visiting the United States for 100 days from the date of issue, which is approximately July 23, 2020. The order could also be lifted or amended by the CDC director "based on specific public health or other considerations" or if the COVID-19 pandemic is no longer declared a public health emergency.

However, not all cruise lines are affected by the CDC's ruling.


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