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What to Know About Travel to Alaska in 2021 | TravelAgeWest

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Many cruises may be on hold, but from train journeys to cycling trips, beautiful lodges to intimate expedition vessels, there are still ample ways to explore the Last Frontier this year.

More than half of Alaska’s visitors typically arrive aboard cruise ships. But this year, that won’t be the case with the majority of Alaska cruising effectively off the table due to the Canadian government’s cruising ban that lasts through February 2022.

For travelers who are eager to make the journey north this summer in search of sweeping mountain views, varied wildlife, and nature-filled serenity, there are still many enriching ways to experience Alaska, including on trains, bicycles, in lodges, and even on smaller cruise ships.

“Alaska is open for business,” Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy enthusiastically declared during a March 22 press conference. Those five words are music to outdoor enthusiasts’ ears, not to mention to the Alaskans who depend upon tourism for their livelihoods, many of whom are eager to welcome visitors back.

Prepandemic, an estimated 2.25 million visitors traveled to Alaska between May and September 2019, but it is likely that Alaska’s visitation numbers will remain drastically lower this year compared to those 2019 figures due to the falloff in cruise visitors and those still staying closer to home because of the pandemic.

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