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What the Future of Cruising Will Be Like

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When the cruise industry restarts, cruising is going to look a lot different, especially in the short term. We’ll also see permanent changes to protect the health of cruise ship passengers and crew. Here are my predictions about what the future of cruising will be like: what will change and what these changes could mean for cruisers.

When Mr. SBC and I were leaving on our Caribbean cruise in early February 2020, the novel coronavirus wasn’t really on our minds. Outbreaks of the virus were half a world away in Asia. Although the Diamond Princess was already under quarantine, the world didn’t know that in just a few short weeks the cruise industry (and just about everything else) would be shut down.

But just like all other industries will eventually open back up, travel and tourism will come back, and cruises will start sailing again in the relatively near future.

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