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What Makes Cruising THAT Bed for the Environment? | Tilted Map

Gray Whale with Panga

Among other foiled travel plans this year, I had scheduled a dreamy sounding trip in Mexico with UnCruise, a company that bills itself as a sustainable alternative to big-ship cruising.

So I started researching: What does it mean to be an alternative to cruising? An alternative to what, exactly?

For starters, what I had planned with UnCruise was to be a week-long sailing trip in a small corner of the Sea of Cortez, with sustainably-caught, local seafood, and farm-to-table (or farm-to-boat) fruits and veggies. There were going to be shore excursions for interpretive desert hikes and horse-back rides among the cacti of Baja California, and only 100 people on the boat, 30 of them crew.

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