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What is Happening in the World of Cruising? - River Cruise Advisor

Columbia River Gorge and the Vista House (1)

une 23, 2020 By  

We are often asked, “When will cruising return?” The short answer is that it already has. However, just because cruising has returned does not mean that everyone is ready to get back on a ship.

Most of us are still staying home, many of us haven’t seen friends in months, numbers of us are avoiding restaurants and retail stores. But for others of us, the virus seems like much less of a threat than it did before. People are returning to work, going out to bars and restaurants, and attempting to live their lives similarly to the way that they did before the pandemic. With many river cruise companies returning to the waters of Europe we thought it would be a good time to ask you, our readers, if you had designs on cruising any time in the near future.

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