20:47 PM

US Cruise Companies Hope to Start Operations as Early as June


Some U.S.-flag cruise companies are tentatively planning to begin operating next month since their small ships are exempt from the no-sail order issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to halt the spread of Covid-19.

“The CDC order really is not targeted to lines with ships of our size and just operate in the U.S.,” said Charles B. Robertson, president and CEO of American Cruise Lines. “It is specifically for vessels with 250 or more souls on board,” passengers and crew in total.

The CDC no-sail order is in effect until July 24 or until the COVID-19 pandemic is deemed over. American Cruise Lines is looking at a June 20 startup.


UnCruise Adventures is hoping to launch operations as early as mid-July. “There’s the law and there’s the marketplace,” UnCruise CEO Dan Blanchard said in a phone interview. “Even though the law may say we are free to operate, the marketplace may not be ready.”

UnCruise operates nine small vessels, the largest of which accommodates up to 90 passengers.

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