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U.S.-Based Small Cruise Lines Prepare for a Safe Return to Travel


Cruising -- and travel in general -- is facing a crisis amid the coronavirus pandemic. The future of cruising is especially unclear, from when it will resume to what the experience will look like when ships begin sailing again.

Not all cruise experiences are the same, however.

I have long been a fan of smaller ships for many reasons that I have documented in numerous stories on this site.
River cruises and expedition voyages are attractive because they offer an intimacy and destination immersion that you won't find on the bigger cruise ships. When sailing on the smaller ships, especially for expedition voyages, you join anywhere from about 22 to up to 100 fellow travelers who typically share a desire to learn more about the world, cultures and history in a more in-depth way. The destination, activities and chance to bond over fantastic experiences make these trips attractive.

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