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Unplugged Family Vacations to Take in 2022 | TinyBeans

Multigen Family Bow Alaska

Now is the perfect time to book a small-ship cruise with UnCruise and get those teens and tweens off their devices and out into nature. UnCruise is all about the small ship life and that means your family will get the personalized experience that you are looking for. Ships range from 22-86 guests—that’s it! Gone are the massive buffet lines, lengthy port check-in procedures and the crowds at the swimming pool. By the end of your adventure, you and the crew will feel like family.

An UnCruise Adventure is truly unplugged. There’s no WiFi onboard so unless you nab a signal while close to shore, your family will get to unplug and fully experience the wonder of the outdoors. We think this is perfect for the always-connected teen set (and parents too!).

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