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UnCruise Challenges Assumptions About COVID-19 in Small Boat Settings | Travel Pulse


UnCruise Adventures made headlines last week after its first U.S. voyage to set sail amid pandemic conditions was forced to turn back four days into its itinerary when the results of a guest’s COVID-19 test (taken at the Juneau airport upon arrival) came back positive.

UnCruise quickly canceled its four subsequent sailings scheduled for this summer in Alaska, more because of customer cancellations than potential safety issues.

UnCruise’s top-notch contingency plan, implemented swiftly onboard, and strict quarantine once guests and crew arrived back in Juneau, resulted in zero transmissions among the rest of the ship’s complement and zero hospitalizations. The Wilderness Adventurer’s 27 crew members have been cleared, departing Juneau this past Monday, with 32 guests also having been cleared and sent home, and four more who are still completing their 14-day isolation in Alaska.

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