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These are the Best All-Inclusive Cruises to Book in 2023 | Afar.com


What you may not realize when you book a standard cruise is that often, there are a lot of things that aren’t included in the cruise fare. On many cruises, a hard-to-beat deal might entice you, but once on board you might get barraged with temptations that can add significantly to your vacation cost. You could have to pay extra for things like sodas, espresso drinks, cocktails, wine, fitness classes, spa treatments, specialty dining, shore excursions, gratuities, and Wi-Fi.

But that’s not the case on all-inclusive cruises, which are typically a more luxurious offering. When you book an all-inclusive cruise, you pay for almost everything upfront. The initial tab may be higher, but you avoid that feeling of being constantly nickeled and dimed. In that way, you’re freer to indulge. Here, we round up some of our favorite all-inclusive cruises where you needn’t worry about many, if any, extras. Lines mentioned below include gratuities and Wi-Fi except where noted. There is an extra charge for spa treatments and shore excursions on the cruises below, unless noted otherwise.

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