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The Travel Memory Confirms Why I Chase Points and Miles - The Points Guy

Grandmother Grandson Skiff Alaska

Sometimes a memory comes out of nowhere and transports you to another dimension. That type of time travel happened to me in the middle of a TPG meeting last week.

I was suddenly seven years old again, standing in a motel parking lot. It had to be somewhere on the way to Florida since that was the annual road trip we used to take. That was basically the only travel we did and, in those days, our accommodations were of the Days Inn or Super 8 variety.

In this particular memory, the trunk of our white Ford LTD was popped and I was struggling to reach my suitcase as my dad went to reception to check us in.

My brother, sister and I looked longingly at the Howard Johnson’s across the street. We used to beg our parents to book a room there but they always declined. It was too expensive. That’s where rich people stayed. At least, that’s what I thought back then.

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