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The Idyllic Hawaiian Islands | Porthole Cruise News

Guests see whale fluke while kayaking off Hawaii coast

Hawaii is the most exotic, raw, and naturally beautiful destination in the United States.

Certainly, many hot spots on the islands are routinely bustling with tourists — think places like Pearl Harbor, Waikiki Beach, and Volcanoes National Park. But you can avoid the crowds, engage in thrilling outdoors activities, and travel back in time when you set off on a voyage around the islands with UnCruise Adventures.

The small-ship expedition line offers idyllic sailings in Hawaii that give you an immersive look at the traditional culture and heritage of the islands and its native communities.

I hopped on the boutique 36-passenger yacht Safari Explorer for a weeklong Hawaii cruise itinerary between Molokai and the Big Island. UnCruise has placed the three-deck, 145-foot-long ship in Hawaii to offer adventures in paradise all year long.

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