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Switching Masks | Pique News Magazine

Kids Snorkeling Hawaii

I am ready to switch a cloth mask for an underwater face mask and swap “stay at home” for “play at sea.” Snorkelling is an immersive sensual way to enjoy new places. It doesn’t require special training or certification, the equipment is cheap compared to most sports, and the riches of experience are bountiful. Many cruises offer “shore expeditions” that take you off-shore—snorkelling.

With a good guide, it can be an easy way to “test the waters,” if you aren’t a snorkelling pro. For anyone who loves water, it can be a pleasing way to see what’s under some of the sea you have been cruising over.

As I wait for travel to be advisable again, I have put my prescription underwater face mask next to my cloth face mask and am savouring some happy memories of snorkelling from cruises as images float in.

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