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Small Ship Cruise Lines are Now Relaunching Their Fleets to the Seas, Rivers, and Canals | Napa Food Gal Travels

Alaska Skiff Boots

Welcome back small ship cruising! We have missed you! Many small fleets of boutique sea and river passenger cruise lines have been happily released to sail the waters again. Finally, after over a year and a half of being docked dormant at their respective harbors and inland ports around the world, these luxury sea and river-worthy vessels are finally waking from a long and quiet hibernation at shore.

Though many of the “Mega Cruise Ships” are still moored currently void of passengers, a majority of these smaller vessels have been set free to cruise the blue open waters and tranquil flowing rivers. Passenger bookings are exploding for 2021, 2022, and 2023 as eager travelers are elated to finally embark on setting sail again to their dream destinations and enticing ports of call. There are many “welcome back” packages and travel incentives future passengers are taking advantage of right now.

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