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Small Ship Alaska Cruise with UnCruise Alaska - Kayaking, Wildlife and Bushwacking | Amateur Traveler

Alaska Kayak Launch Platform

It was obvious that something interesting had just happened. All the people on the bow suddenly moved to the right side of the boat and started pointing. It could only be bears. Word quickly spread throughout the ship. Two black bears were grazing down by the waterline. We had sailed up a tidal inlet in Alaska’s Glacier Bay hoping for just such a wildlife sighting, but some of the passengers forgot for a moment to speak in the quiet tones we had been instructed to use so that we wouldn’t disturb the bears. They squealed instead. The boat stopped so we could watch the bears for 10-15 minutes because whatever the published schedule might be, the schedule of UnCruise’s Safari Endeavor is subject to “wildlife, weather, and whim”.

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