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Positive COVID-19 Test Forces UnCruise to Halt First Alaska Sailing - Insider Travel Report


More bad news for cruising came on Aug. 5 when U.S. flagged small-boat adventure company UnCruise Adventures confirmed that a guest received a phone call with notification of a positive COVID-19 test while onboard the company’s first Alaska sailing, which departed Aug. 1 from Juneau. Wilderness Adventurer at the time was anchored in a secluded harbor while excursions were under way.

Because of the positive test, UnCruise decided to have the ship return to Juneau to offload the guest who tested positive as well as all other guests. The ship arrived in port yesterday morning and guests were transferred to a local hotel where they were put quarantine as prescribed in the company’s Alaska state-approved COVID-19 contingency plan.

“We are focusing all efforts on care of the guests, crew and the local community,” said Capt. Dan Blanchard, founder and CEO of UnCruise. “This is very discouraging news and not what we had hoped for, but we’ll deal with it professionally. The guests are taking the news well, and the crew has executed our contingency plan quickly.”

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