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No COVID-19 on UnCruise Adventures' Ship; Line Seeks Faster, Better Testing | Travel Agent Central


Sometimes, things aren't what they seem. The guest sailing on UnCruise Adventures' Wilderness Adventurer who had tested positive earlier this month for COVID-19(coronavirus)—causing the line to cancel its entire Alaska season—was retested soon after and that subsequent test was negative for the virus.

UnCruise Adventures said the majority of the quarantined guests from the cancelled Alaska cruise were cleared and released starting August 8, and have returned home.

In a press release, the line said: "Revised news now shows all tests received back for guests and crew are negative and there was no transmission onboard. However, the season will not be recovered." 

Better, Faster Testing Needed

The line said the experience has given it "some validation that there are safe sailing protocol options." In addition, UnCruise said it "continues to advocate for better testing to help save the travel industry. The company is now focused on rebooting their upcoming seasons and creating safe outdoor bubbles for travelers."

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