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It Took Just 3 Days For An Alaska Cruise Ship To Get A COVID-19 Positive Case - Forbes


A cruise line that put a tentative toe back in the water is coming ashore.

The very first cruise to resume sailings from a U.S. port since the coronavirus pandemic began is returning to port after a passenger tested positive for the illness, just three days into a week-long itinerary.

Yesterday, UnCruise Adventures announced in a company statement that its 60-passenger Wilderness Adventurer would turn back to Juneau, Alaska, even before hitting the halfway point in its journey.

The cruise was stopped after a passenger received a phone call from the State of Alaska with notification of positive COVID-19 test.

“The company understands that this unprecedented virus requires unprecedented standards and has planned extensive operations for months in preparation to return to sail,” continues the statement. Upon disembarkation today in Juneau, passengers will be brought to a local hotel to begin a state-mandated quarantine.

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