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Is Bigger Better? The Difference Between Cruise Ship Sizes | Traveller.com.au

SFX and returning skiff.HA21

Few things affect the cruise experience more than the size of the boat in which you float. In landlubber's terms, think of a 10-room hotel compared to a big resort. Or a hole-in-the-wall eatery compared to a jumbo-sized restaurant. Either may represent budget or luxury and each has its own attractions, but the entire experience will feel very different.

Ship size determines many things about your cruise, from the entertainment and dining options on board to the types of ports visited and the number of shore excursions offered.

Large ships have economies of scale and pack more in; small ships are often upmarket and, of necessity, emphasise destination over shipboard experience. Beyond that, however, you'll find a different ambience from ship to ship according to its proportions.

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