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Insider Travel Report Looks Back: Out Top 12 News Stories for 2020

Safari Explorer Alaska Waterfall

Call it the lost year, a year we want to forget, a year that was perhaps the worst ever for the travel industry and the world in general. There was certainly no shortage of news in 2020, though much of it was not good for the industry as travel was forced to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. We took a look back on what you our readers clicked on most and came up with the following 12 stories (in no particular order).

First of all, it’s important to state up front that these are the stories you read and clicked on the most, not on what our editors have deemed the most important in terms of news value. Most of what you read, not surprisingly was about the cruise industry, which was forced to pause operations as the U.S. Centers for Disease Control issued a “No Sail” order for cruise ships departing from ports in the U.S. You read our stories on cancellation policies as cruises were failed to depart due to the pandemic.

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