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How Two Cruise Ships Applied Protocols to Avoid COVID-19 Outbreak | Pavlus Travel


Paul Gauguin and UnCruise Adventures nip Covid19 in the bud

This is very good news. Two cruise lines each had just one passenger who tested positive for Covid19. And both were able to quickly control any outbreak. And that’s big news. One of the incidents was on a PONANT Paul Gauguin’s Tahiti cruise. Due to fast diligence by the cruise line there was no spread.

PONANT reports that its rigorous protocol is proving successful. Specifically, it allowed health authorities to rapidly detect the first case of a tourist carrying the Covid-19 virus aboard the Paul Gauguin cruise ship and to isolate this person immediately on August 1, 2020. Consequently nobody else on board contracted the virus.

UnCruise Adventures Covid-free cruise

Small boat company, UnCruise Adventures, reports that the majority of last week’s quarantined guests were cleared and released over the weekend. The original COVID positive guest headed home just a few days later. The company implemented a swift contingency plan and strict quarantine last week upon the news of a positive test onboard. The adventure brand immediately canceled its four subsequent sailings in Alaska for the summer. All tests of guests and crew are negative with zero transmission onboard. However, the season will not resume.

Is there a better way? UnCruise Adventures feels that there are safe sailing protocol options and continues to advocate for better testing to help save the travel industry. The company is focusing rebooting their upcoming seasons and creating safe outdoor bubbles for travelers.

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