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How to Embrace Travel Again in 2022 | Kayak.com

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Just a few short years ago, we seemed to be living in a golden age for travel. Flight deals were in no short supply and the globe was made smaller with so much access and resources for new travelers. The growth of Black Travel was front and center in popular culture, and it was a beautiful sight to see us taking up space in an industry that had overlooked us for so long.

However, the arrival of a devastating global pandemic changed everything and just like that we were all home on our couches daydreaming about our canceled travel plans and wondering if we would ever be able to explore so freely again.

It was a time to reflect for many on those things that really matter to us. It made me aware of just how much of the world I still haven’t seen and how to some degree I think I took it for granted that there will always be a time and an opportunity to go.

With all we have endured for the last two years, it’s important to get back to incorporating the things in our life that bring us joy. It was a dark and stressful time with the loss of life, jobs, and social connections. It was isolating.

For so many Black Women like me who were navigating the stress of social injustice in our communities and the unique pressures we experience in our careers, an escape and change of scenery was crucial to our self-care maintenance and we didn’t have that as an option.

The travel landscape has changed drastically with new regulations and different rules and restrictions for different destinations, but we can make travel a part of our lives again.

Here are some tips on how we can embrace travel again in this new era.

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