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How Can I Support Alaska Travel in 2021? | Blog Where to Now, Jenny?


f you’re like us, you’ve had quite a few cruises cancelled in the past year or so. A cruise to Canada… cancelled. A bucket list cruise to Alaska with a land portion to Denali… cancelled. A cruise to the British Isles… cancelled.

We have rescheduled our British Isles cruise for 2022 and had hoped to reschedule our Alaska cruise for our 20th wedding anniversary in 2021. However, with Canada’s cruise ban and the CDC’s No Sail Order still in place, that dream was not to be. This got me thinking… how can I support the travel industry in Alaska in 2021 without being able to cruise there? With Alaska about to begin its second season with no cruise traffic, I wanted to put together a list of ways we can try to help support an industry that we all want to see survive until we can cruise again.

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