Captain Dan Blanchard, CEO
UnCruise Adventures Hawaii departures are currently expected in late 2020. We are in touch with Hawaiian community representatives and state officials to discuss what local travel policies will look like going forward. We value our long-time partnerships with the small cultural communities we visit. With the state's help, we will target a safe return to small-boat adventures in Hawaii.
Captain Dan Blanchard, CEO
23:30 PM

Hawaii Economists Backtrack on Dire Cruise Predictions - Cruise Critic

Guests see whale fluke while kayaking off Hawaii coast

A widely circulated economic report that made it seem like Hawaii would not be open for cruise passengers until late 2021 was based on "assumptions" -- and not any action taken by the state.

"I am sorry for the confusion," said Dr. Eugene Tian, an economic research administrator with the Hawaii State Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism. "It is a good idea to let your readers know that these assumptions are pure economic assumptions, not the government decisions."


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