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Guest Editorial: Are Your Clients Dreaming of an Unforgettable Alaskan Summer? | Insider Travel Report

Kids around the tree Alaska

reams of travel are plentiful right now after the year we’ve all been through, and with smoother waters ahead, small ship adventures from UnCruise Adventures are ready to help you fulfill those dreams.

During a typical spring, our guests would be sipping cocktails on the bow of our small boats from Baja to Costa Rica, forging new friendships on week-long adventures. Travel has undoubtedly changed, and as an adventure travel company, UnCruise has, too. We’re focused on small group travel with a small footprint, and we’re gearing up for a highly anticipated 2021 Alaska season. Soon our dedicated crew will be narrating wildlife watching from the bow and leading small groups through remote island hikes, discovery shore walks, and alongside ancient glaciers onboard kayaks.

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