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Cruise Lines Adapt to Rough Waters with Ever-Changing CDC Guidelines | MarketScale.com

AK.Couple on Deck Wearing Masks

Small Ship, Big Priorities

Dan Blanchard, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of UnCruise Adventures, says that UnCruise Adventures has adapted since the start of the pandemic; they were actually at the forefront of doing so.

“We were the first small ship, or first ship anywhere, to have fully-vaccinated crew and guest requirement. The first boat left in April, and operated with guests on it the 2nd of May of last year,” he said.

UnCruise Adventures’ operations double-down on being more than just a cruise, which gave them another leg up when shifting to a socially-distanced reality. By prioritizing small crews, 84-passenger trips, environmentally-friendly tourism, and a commitment to exploring the open outdoors rather than keeping the entertainment on-board, COVID safety came naturally.

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