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Central America Cruises - the Definitive Guide | LuxuryLatinAmerica.com

Guests enjoying skiff ride in Costa Rica (1)

If you hate the idea of sharing your trip with thousands of other people that are stuffing their faces and shuffling around ports most of the time, then Uncruise is the company for you. They run adventure-focused small ships that visit smaller bays the big ships can’t enter. They can launch kayaks, zodiacs, and paddleboards right off the back of the boat, so there’s no need to head to a port to have some fun.

The Uncruise ships are destination vessels, so you have to get to where you’re leaving from first. The upside of that is you don’t have days of doing nothing but motoring between ports. Every day is a day of adventure. See our story here on an Uncruise adventure in Panama and Costa Rica. They also do trips in Baja and Belize.

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