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Can You Take a Pandemic Cruise Without Sizable Risks?: Travelers United


The question cruisers must ask today is, “Can I take a pandemic cruise without a sizeable risk to my health?”

I understand the attraction of taking a cruise. I enjoy many other aspects of cruising. Cruising permits me to go to places otherwise difficult to visit. I’ve been to Antarctica, the Galapagos and the Arctic. From location to location during my journey, I don’t have to keep unpacking and packing my belongings. Each day I’ll be able to enjoy quality food if shore food doesn’t cut it and have a comfortable “hotel” room in which to sleep each night.

The bulk of the world’s cruise fleets remain shuttered. However, some cruise lines have restarted with substantial upgrades of their ships and pandemic cruise protocols. Their changes will keep passengers safe. Let’s take a look at one of the cruise lines that’s restarted, UnCruise Adventures.

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