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Brilliant Ways to Use Small Group Adventure to Connect to Nature | ehealth radio network

Dan Smile in Forest

Captain Dan Blanchard, the owner and CEO of UnCruise Adventures, a leading small ship adventure travel company that creates connection to nature, and sustainable travel joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Mental Health Channels.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guests Captain Dan Blanchard discuss the following:

  1. With such a unique business, how did the idea for your business come about?
  2. Why is small group adventure such a key way to connect to nature and boost our mental and physical health?
  3. Your mission states that your company goal is "To provide our guests an enriching adventure travel experience and inspire an appreciation of local cultures and the natural world." How did you build a successful customer base that loves nature and adventure as much as you do?
  4. How do you market your business and what tactics have been the most successful?
  5. What motivates you personally/how do you define success?
  6. What other ways can people connect to more adventure and nature, even when not on your small ship cruises? What do you personally do to connect?

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