23:27 PM

A Trip on UnCruise Adventures is Distinctly Unlike Other Cruises


Dan Blanchard says Juneau’s UnCruise Adventures is a bit like 7up, the colorless carbonated soft drink that branded itself the "uncola” years ago.

"We’re the antithesis of usual cruises,” he said. Many of their clients are people who experienced Europe for $5 a day in the 1960s, and want to return to that experience -- with modern day comforts.

"In the ‘80s and ‘90s people on cruise ships would go to the bow of the ship with a glass of cognac, look at the glacier and say, ‘that’s good enough.’ We want people to return to nature, touch it and feel it rather than just look at it. Baby Boomers actually want to go to the glaciers and the ice caves. They want to touch and feel them. But then they want to come back to a Tempur-Pedic mattress and great food when they return from the wild. That’s an uncruise.”

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