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6 National parks You Can Reach by Cruise Ship | ThePointsGuy

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Many people think of America’s national parks as places to go on an epic road trip. But there are other ways to get to some of these temples to outdoor beauty than by car. For instance, there are parks you can visit by rail or by bus, and even — yes — a few you can reach by cruise ship.

Alaska and Hawaii are two big cruise destinations where national parks play an outsized role in the typical cruise itinerary. National parks in Maine and the U.S. Virgin Islands also make the excursion checklists for many a cruiser.

Of course, you won’t get a lot of time in a national park if you visit it as part of a cruise. Often, a cruise ship stopping in a destination that’s home to a national park will only will stay for eight hours or so (although, occasionally, ships will stay in the vicinity of a park for longer).

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