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10 Best Hawaii Cruise Tips for Getting the Most from your Island-hopping Trip | The Points Gui

Snorkeling in Hawaii

A Hawaii cruise solves one of the major hassles of island-hopping in the 50th state: Packing and unpacking as you take multiple inter-island flights in a bid to experience Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Island of Hawaii (aka the Big Island) in a single vacation. Most Hawaii cruise itineraries visit all four of the main islands and offer full days — and, in some cases, overnights — in port, so there’s ample time for sightseeing and learning about Hawaiian culture.

On the other hand, compared with a weeklong, land-based visit to just one or two islands, you might find yourself hard-pressed to fit in everything you want to do in each port of call. You need to make sure your cruise ship and itinerary help you reach your vacation goals — not hinder them.

Here are my top 10 Hawaii cruise tips to help you make the most of your sailing and your time in the islands.

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